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Kate D.
Kate D.
11:28 10 Aug 23
Cian worked on helping me improve my SEO in two new locations as I expanded my business. I went from barely featuring on google search to ranking at number 3 and have been extremely busy ever since. Cian is easy to work with and explains and presents things in a way that can be understood easily. I would definitely recommend him.
Kate M.
Kate M.
12:18 03 Apr 23
I was very pleased with the service. Cian keeps things simple, shows you how to input and maintain details on your website so you can keep things up to date yourself. He has great patience, taking time to explain SEO and its importance on the website. I highly recommend him if you are thinking of launching or updating your website. He is very approachable and is always there if you have any questions, that is very much appreciated for someone like me who is not very technically savvy.
Communications M.
Communications M.
11:31 16 Sep 22
Cian was extremely helpful and knew his stuff! I know that if I ever have a query about SEO, reputation or general websites, I'll be onto Cian straight away. After our phonecall I was left feeling confident and I was given plenty of solutions!
Roger C.
Roger C.
18:59 28 Jul 20
Cian is a pleasure to work with. Honest, knowledgeable, no BS, and he'll deliver. Five stars all the way. Roger
10:33 23 Jul 20
Cian is such a wonderful person to work with. Cianhelped me build my website for my new business all through meetings via Zoom and he was able to show me how to set everything up by sharing his screen and teaching me step by step what I needed to do. His marketing approach is absolutely top notch 👌 Also any follow up questions I had for him he would happily make time for even a 5 minute chat and fix the problem. I will definitely be using his services again. Thanks so much 😊 HIGHLY RECOMMEND 👍
New Links Training Solutions I.
New Links Training Solutions I.
13:30 13 Jan 20
Cian is master of his craft and his no nonsense approach means that you get excellent and consistent service in addition to value for your money. Cian has been advising us for several years now and in terms of SEO and website design he has all the up to date knowledge needed to get us (as a small business owner) right up there when it comes to increasing our revenue through digital marketing. Cian is an expert in his field and always delivers on his promises - 5 star service well deserving of a 5 star rating.
Emlyn Ó T.
Emlyn Ó T.
11:15 08 Jan 20
Cian has been developing and managing our digital marketing programme over the past 10 years and has proven to be extremely effective in delivering results. I recommend Cian to any organisation looking to boost its digital marketing performance.
Grant P.
Grant P.
10:50 07 Jan 20
Fantastic digital marketing services for any business. If you're looking for great digital marketing in plain English and no B.S you will find it here. Cian really knows his stuff and will help you get great results and always with a smile on his face.
Gareth C.
Gareth C.
22:04 05 Nov 19
Cian was superb and extremely knowledgeable. His attention to detail in relation to what we wanted to achieve was first class and that really helped our focus.We initially signed up for his starter guide and found the newsletter very useful. I would highly recommend his service no matter where in the world you are!
Aidan F.
Aidan F.
21:44 05 Nov 19
I couldn't recommend Cian highly enough. I have used Cian's services on a number of occasions for various digital marketing, SEO and Google AdWords projects with great success.Cian was always very well prepared, knowledgeable and conscientious to our needs. We've achieved our various objectives working with Cian to better execute our digital marketing strategy. Cian has helped to keep us on track with changing trends of search engine optimization, pay per click advertising social media marketing and affiliate marketing. This has enabled us to proactively evolve our digital marketing strategy in parallel.Keep up the great work Cian!
Mathew S.
Mathew S.
21:32 05 Nov 19
Sound SEO advice, increased traffic & sales as a result.
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Learn about Digital Marketing

What Does A Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

A Digital Marketing Consultant advices a business on their digital marketing strategy. Your consultant shouldn’t show a bias towards any particular channels such as paid media, SEO, affiliate marketing or social media.

They should take a holistic view of your business and construct a plan to find your perfect customer and how you can solve that customers problem in the most fluid way possible.

Your Digital Marketing Consultant will help you create a marketing plan that incorporates all aspects of the marketing mix.

How Much Should a Digital Marketing Consultant Charge?

Fees are usually between €50 – €250 per hour. My Fees are €100+VAT per hour.

Consultancy fees can be calculated in a variety of different ways. Some can charge hourly rates or be more project-based. A consultant will charge depending on their experience and perceived value.

Their pricing will probably reflect their location. A consultant in Dublin or Cork may charge higher rates than someone in Kilkenny or Waterford. If your consultant has high end offices and expenses they may charge more.

What Qualifications do you need to become a Digital Marketing Consultant?

You don’t need a qualification to become a Digital Marketing Consultant. Experience and successes in the industry is something that companies seek more so than a degree.

It certainly helps and adds to your value as a consultant if you have a higher level degree in an area related to marketing.

Do Digital Marketing Consultants Specialise in Certain Area’s?

You can get all rounder who have touched on numerous area’s of digital marketing however you’ll usually meet consultants that have specialised in certain area’s of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing or Content Marketing.

What Questions should I ask before Choosing a Digital Marketing Consultant?
  1. What’s your process to help me meet marketing goals?
  2. Could you give me some examples or case study successes you’ve had for other clients?
  3. Is there certain industry area’s you specialise in?
  4. What is the cost of your services and why?
  5. How will you measure success on your digital marketing efforts?
  6. How long until I can see results?

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What I Do

I Love Digital Marketing. It’s become more than a job to me. It’s a passion. My goal is to help you with growing your business online.

It doesn’t matter what stage of the digital journey you’re in. My Digital Marketing Consultancy services are here to work for you. We consult on some of the following:

  • I help companies get started in digital.
  • Give non-bias advice on your current campaigns.
  • Train your staff in best practice.
  • Advice on solutions to digital marketing problems.
  • Give advice on technical set-up.
  • Discuss Strategy in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Content Marketing.

Get in contact today.

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