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If you’re on this page, it probably means you have a problem with growing organic traffic. My SEO Company services are here to help you.

You might need some general information, advice, an audit or you might want me to handle your SEO initiatives so you can focus on running your business.

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SEO Company Services Explained

The job of an SEO company is to build the organic presence of their clients in search engines. Since Google is responsible for over 90% of search engine usage in Ireland we ensure we optimise for their algorithm. Their guidelines have a huge focus on building the expertise, authority and trustworthiness or ‘E-A-T’ of a website.

SEO isn’t something that works over night. It takes time but it’s very effective for growing your business.

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Client in Ireland has 800 people Visiting their Website everyday Now

Together we’ll craft an SEO strategy that will focus on your agreed KPi’s. In that strategy we’ll find out what search marketing tactics will bring you the best ROI in the shortest timeframe.

Our SEO Services Approach

After working in SEO for over 15 years we’ve developed an excellent process to help our clients reach goals. Here’s some items we regularly touch on during our initial stages of working together:

  1. Resources: When discussing your resources we’ll touch on budget, technical support and internal communications.
  2. SEO Audit: The audit will help us identify area’s that need improvement, how search engines currently view your performance, technical issues, competitive research and an action plan to get started.
  3. Keyword & Audience Research: Using keyword research tools we find out what your customers could potentially type into search engines to find your business. This is where we discuss what content will need to be created to satisfy searcher intent.
  4. Local SEO: If you’re a brick and mortar business or you rely on foot traffic to your premises we’ll focus on map performance, local citations and reputation.
  5. On Page SEO: This is the practice of optimising web pages on your own website to adhere to search engine best practices such as meta data, schema markup, images, video and content.
  6. Off Page SEO: This is the practice of building your authority on other websites. We use digital PR techniques to build your presence online.
  7. Industry Considerations: If you’re in a sensitive industry that focuses on finance or health we need to discuss YMYL (Your Money Your Life). Some industries you need to establish E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).

Our SEO Reviews

Cian Murphy Digital Marketing
Based on 16 reviews
Ardu Digital PPC M.
Ardu Digital PPC M.
The SEO training I received from Cian Murphy was fantastic. The course was extremely thorough and well-structured, covering every area of SEO in great detail. Complex subjects were made simple to comprehend by the lecturers' extensive subject expertise and enthusiasm.The practical focus of this program is what distinguishes it. In addition to studying the theory underlying SEO, we also gained practical experience through case studies and real-world initiatives. The group talks and interactive sessions were really interesting and helped me learn more.The excellent training materials and continued assistance from the instructor even after the course was over were both very helpful. My SEO abilities have significantly improved, and I've already begun using the strategies I learned in my projects.Anyone searching for top-notch SEO training should definitely choose Cian Murphy. This training will surely go above and beyond your expectations, whether you're a novice or trying to improve your current talents.
Kate D.
Kate D.
Cian worked on helping me improve my SEO in two new locations as I expanded my business. I went from barely featuring on google search to ranking at number 3 and have been extremely busy ever since. Cian is easy to work with and explains and presents things in a way that can be understood easily. I would definitely recommend him.
Kate M.
Kate M.
I was very pleased with the service. Cian keeps things simple, shows you how to input and maintain details on your website so you can keep things up to date yourself. He has great patience, taking time to explain SEO and its importance on the website. I highly recommend him if you are thinking of launching or updating your website. He is very approachable and is always there if you have any questions, that is very much appreciated for someone like me who is not very technically savvy.
Communications M.
Communications M.
Cian was extremely helpful and knew his stuff! I know that if I ever have a query about SEO, reputation or general websites, I'll be onto Cian straight away. After our phonecall I was left feeling confident and I was given plenty of solutions!
New Links Training Solutions I.
New Links Training Solutions I.
Cian is master of his craft and his no nonsense approach means that you get excellent and consistent service in addition to value for your money. Cian has been advising us for several years now and in terms of SEO and website design he has all the up to date knowledge needed to get us (as a small business owner) right up there when it comes to increasing our revenue through digital marketing. Cian is an expert in his field and always delivers on his promises - 5 star service well deserving of a 5 star rating.
Aidan F.
Aidan F.
I couldn't recommend Cian highly enough. I have used Cian's services on a number of occasions for various digital marketing, SEO and Google AdWords projects with great success.Cian was always very well prepared, knowledgeable and conscientious to our needs. We've achieved our various objectives working with Cian to better execute our digital marketing strategy. Cian has helped to keep us on track with changing trends of search engine optimization, pay per click advertising social media marketing and affiliate marketing. This has enabled us to proactively evolve our digital marketing strategy in parallel.Keep up the great work Cian!
Mathew S.
Mathew S.
Sound SEO advice, increased traffic & sales as a result.
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Information on SEO in Ireland

What are SEO Companies?

SEO Agencies are companies that take over the running of your Search Engine Optimisation initiatives. The agency is responsible for improving your online visibility in search engine result pages and helping your customers find precisely what they are looking for on your website.

In short, an SEO agency makes changes to your website code, content and influence external promotional campaigns to make your company site more attractive to search engines.

An SEO company will ensure your website keeps up to date with the latest industry trends and abide by guidelines set out of search engine policy teams.

What Do SEO Companies in Ireland do?

Your agency should cover a wide variety of SEO services you may need help with. 

Technical SEO: Ensuring your website is easily accessible by crawlers is one example of this. 

Keyword Research: Your company should help you find out what your target market is searching for when it relates to your service. 

Competitive analysis: This is such an important part of SEO. Why waste time figuring something out from scratch. Your SEO will help you see how your competitors are performing. 

Digital PR & Outreach: Your SEO company should be trying to build a rapport with journalists, bloggers and websites related to your industry. 

Video SEO: Video is the future. Most agencies are trying to help clients with their video production and visual content strategy. 

Local SEO: Your search engine optimisation should be helping you dominate the map listings in Ireland. If you’re a brick and mortar company this could be extremely important for your companies success. 

Content Writing: Content is such a big part of SEO. It’s how a search engine can determine if your website helps a user answer their question. Your SEO company should help construct your website content. 

SEO Reporting: Your SEO company should keep you up to date with website performance metrics every month or whenever key stakeholders need information. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company?

The benefits of hiring an SEO company could be broken down into a few points.

Experience & Audience Knowledge

SEO service companies in Ireland are going to have excellent knowledge of search engine optimisation strategies that have worked for their current clients. This knowledge can take away a lot of the guesswork you would have to learn on your own. 

Most SEO agencies will have dealt with multiple industries and may have already had a vast understanding of your target market and audience needs. 

You’ll often find an SEO agency represented someone in your industry already. 

Save Time & Money

You’re a business owner or marketing professional that has a lot of hats in your current business. You’re probably focusing on running the business and satisfying your customer needs.

Hiring an SEO agency will help you free up your marketing time so you can focus on running the business instead of dedicating time to your marketing efforts.

Some companies aren’t ready to hire an in-house SEO professional because the cost of employment is just too high at the moment. SEO agencies can be relatively cost-effective for companies that need help with search engine optimisation but aren’t ready to commit one member of staff to the project. 

Gain More Consistent Revenue

Unlike paid advertising, SEO is the traffic source that brings in a consistent flow of traffic, leads, sales and revenue.

If you run out of PPC budget, your leads and sales will stop. If you’ve implemented a decent SEO strategy, your traffic will remain consistent because you’ve earned your position in organic results by providing the best information. 

If you’re in a competitive industry, your SEO may need consent upkeep, but it’s more cost-effective than sinking money into PPC. 

Where Do You Provide SEO Services?

We’re a nationwide SEO company dedicated to helping clients no matter what their business location or their customers location.

Using online communication software like Google Meet or Zoom we are able to communicate with our clients and help them reach their SEO and revenue goals.

Carlow SEOCavan SEOClare SEO
Cork SEODonegal SEODublin SEO
Galway SEOKerry SEOKildare SEO
Kilkenny SEOLaois SEOLeitrim SEO
Limerick SEOLongford SEOLouth SEO
Mayo SEOMeath SEOMonaghan SEO
Offaly SEORoscommon SEOSligo SEO
Tipperary SEOWaterford SEOWestmeath SEO
Wexford SEOWicklow SEOIreland SEO
Nationwide SEO Ireland
Who is the Best SEO Company in Ireland?

Well, that’s a hard one to answer. Ireland has some excellent SEO companies and SEO consultants.

SEO is a competitive industry, and if you Google SEO Agencies Ireland, you’re going to find some pretty good companies.

You should probably look at sector and experience instead of looking at who’s the best.

I’d have no problem in admitting an SEO agency who has experience in the gambling industry would be a better SEO company than me in that niche. I don’t have contacts or optimisation experience in it.

You could also judge companies based on the number of awards they’ve won, their recommendations from, or their results in competitive markets.

Some SEO agencies, although based in Ireland, might have more experience in targeting international markets or even focus mainly on local SEO.

How much does SEO Agencies in Ireland Charge?

Some SEO agencies will have preset packages such as bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Other’s will charge based by the hour. We’ve gone for this model to be more flexible with start-up and SME needs. We charge €100+VAT for services and account management

You might also find some SEO service companies will do customer.

You can find service fees range from €35 to €200 per hour in Ireland. Some consultants will charge even more if they’ve developed a reputation in a particular industry.

How Long does SEO take in Ireland?

Classic SEO agency answer: It Depends!

In short, it depends on the competition level.

If you want your landscaping business to rank under ‘Landscapers in Dingle Ireland’ it could take three weeks to appear on page one of search results.

If you’re trying to should up under ‘life insurance company Ireland’, you could be talking 2+ years. You still might not get near the top due to competitors having fulltime staff dedicated to search engine performance.

We like a challenge, so call us, and we can give estimates.

We never guarantee number 1 on Google. We can guarantee transparency, increased relevant traffic, and we take utmost care when working on your brand.

FAQ’s about Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO in 2023?

SEO is constantly evolving and keeping up to date with the latest techniques is very important. SEO in 2021 is about focusing on establishing your E-A-T (expertise, authority and trust) and I believe the most important thing is satisfying user intent.

Does SEO still work in 2023?

Yes, SEO still works. It’s definitely getting harder to accomplish goals and establish a steady stream of organic traffic. Google and other search engines are constantly moving the goal posts. Organic search is losing it’s share of clicks but is still one of the best sources of traffic for websites.

How much does SEO cost?

If you’re in a non competitive niche the cost of SEO will be a lot less than in a competitive industry. I helped a client rank number 1 under ‘landscaping in cork’. He paid €600 for a once-off optimisation. A medium competitive niche could cost between €1000 – €3000 a month. A highly competitive niche could cost €3,000 to €10,000 a month.

Is SEO dead?

No, SEO is not dead. Search engines are providing answers within search results and the result is less traffic being directed to website owners. SEO is getting more competitive because more companies are investing in organic traffic.

Summary of SEO Services in Ireland

SEO can be a game changer for a business. Especially one that doesn’t want to pay hundreds or thousands of euros for paid advertising every month.

SEO services can change your website from an expensive looking piece of code to a revenue generating machine.

I’ve tried to be as honest as I could regarding pricing examples, what needs to be done and how long it takes. Your job now is to decide whether your business can continue growing without a solid organic SEO strategy in place.

If you want increased traffic, sales and revenue; contact me today.

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