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Cian Murphy is a specialist in Data Analytics. He specialises in Google Analytics 4 & Google Tag Manager

Making business decisions on accurate and reliable data can help optimise your business performance and grow profits.

Bad data can be detrimental to your company growth. Fix it today!

The privacy revolution has begun. Your data isn’t as accurate as it once was.

You need to ensure the limited data you have can help you make the right decisions.

Leveraging data analytics in today’s world of machine learning is so important for a company to grow. If you don’t analyse your data you could deplete your entire marketing budget going after the wrong customers.

We love to create data analytics processes so your company can make correct actionable decisions to enhance your customer acquisition and retention programmes.

Our goal is to help you create, analyse and advise your customer centric team in all aspects of the data analytics process.

I work on marketing initiatives for global companies, medium size enterprises and high potential start ups. I’ve partnered with industry recognised data scientists that specialise in data integration, data visualisation and analytical audits.

Our main priority is to provide you with accurate and actionable data for better business decisions.

Data Analytics Process Example
Basic Data Analytics Process

data studio visual dashboards
We craft User Friendly Data Studio Dashboards
tableau data analytics platform
Tableau Dashboards are Popular With Customers
power bi focus
Power Bi is often a preferred Data Analytics Dashboard
google big query data analytics
BigQuery is a Huge focus for Our Google Stack Clients
supermetrics data
Supermetrics is excellent for marketing dashboard integrations
zapier integrations
Zapier is our industry standard Integration tool

Some companies have huge growth potential if they focus on the right marketing and customer acquisition tactics. We take guessing out of the equation with our data analytics consultancy.

If you want to know more about data analytics we’ve compiled a list of common questions our clients ask us about data analytics and the reason it’s so important for businesses in Ireland and globally.

How can Data Analytics Services Help Your Business?

If you incorporate data analytics into your business and marketing strategy you’ll ensure you’re not wasting time finding customers that won’t convert.

The purpose of a data analytics company is to provide clear, accurate and actionable insights on current business data and customer behaviour. This data will then be used by internal teams to make informed business decisions.

If your data is wrong, you could make bad business decisions that could be very costly. We’ve seen this before when a business chose to invest heavily in Facebook advertising when Youtube advertising actually brought on the best customers with the highest lifetime value.

What is an example of Data Analytics?

There are so many examples of data analytics in the world at the moment.


If you’ve used an activity tracker watch it means you’re gathering data analytics on yourself. You’re using data collected from a device that monitors your steps, distance travelled, heart rate, weight, calorie intake and even the amount of time you’re sleeping.

The Data Analytics scientist in this instance is Fitbit.

They have access to millions of users world wide. This means they have millions if not billions of data points on peoples activity.

Using the Fitbit app users can see a snapshot of their overall performance in a nice visual dashboard.

The app can then guide people one what level of fitness they have, is their sleep pattern healthy and most recently they’ve been able to collect data to determine if someone is stressed.

Is there specific types of data analytics?

There are said to be four different types of data analytics:

Descriptive: This is an overall view of what’s happening in the overall look at data. This looks at a comprehensive, accurate and live data source. A data analytics scientist will ensure to compile this data into an easy to view effective visualisation.

Looking at the Fitbit example a descriptive piece of data analytics would be looking at all the stats and bringing them into a dashboard.

Diagnostic: The data scientist will look at what’s happening with the data. If there’s problems in the data, this is where we’d see it.

If we were to perform diagnostic analytics of a Fitbit user we might comment on area’s of a poor sleep experience, saying steps are below average, weight is over a certain amount.

Predictive Analytics: This is where your data scientist can use analytical data to predict future performance. If we stick to the Fitbit example:

If someone did very limited exercise, was constantly stressed, had a very high resting heart rate and was over weight we could make a prediction that this person could be prone to weight related illnesses.

Prescriptive Analytics: This is where the real power of data analytics is. Prescribing what needs to be done is something that happens with the business owner.

This is where we use the data to formulate a course of action or solution that we discovered in the data.

If we used the Fitbit example: We’ve determined that the user has a problem. They’re overweight and at risk of developing weight related illnesses.

Using data we’re going to create a strategy to get this person healthy again. Steps need to increase to 12,000 a day, calorie intake needs to decrease to 2,000. The person needs to get 7 hours of sleep. If stick to this strategy for 90 days we will see an estimated 2 stone of weight loss and reduced stress.

Use the person wearing the Fitbit as a metaphor for your business.

How Much does a Data Analytics Company charge?

Pricing can vary for data analytics services. Here’s some elements that could influence pricing:

  • Meetings with multiple key stakeholders.
  • You could have large quantities of data which takes up enormous amount of time.
  • Your data collection tools could need configuration.
  • There could be data integrity issues that need to be solved.
  • You could need to pay for data analytics tools.
  • You may want regular ongoing data maintenance.
  • You might want one on one consulting on a monthly basis.

Data Analytics can cost anywhere from €1,000 to €25,000 depending on your business needs.

What are some tools data scientists use?

There are lots of tools available to help you understand the data analytics performance of your company. Heres a few:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Supermetrics
  • BigQuery
  • Power Bi
  • Tableau
  • Zapier
  • AWS

Cian is master of his craft and his no nonsense approach means that you get excellent and consistent service in addition to value for your money. Cian has been advising us for several years now and in terms of SEO and website design he has all the up to date knowledge needed to get us (as a small business owner) right up there when it comes to increasing our revenue through digital marketing. Cian is an expert in his field and always delivers on his promises – 5 star service well deserving of a 5 star rating. – Janet Tumulty