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I started my professional career in a call centre back in 2005. My role was to sell advertising space on a local buy-and-sell companies website.

Around 40% of my rejection reason was “No thanks I’m advertising on Google now”.

I knew from these calls search engine marketing was only going to continue to grow. I wanted to be in the industry and I made it my mission to educate myself in Digital Marketing.

I love speaking about digital marketing. It’s not only my career it’s my passion.

cian murphy digital feature Irish Independent
Cian Murphy featuring in the Irish Independent © Irish Independent
Attending MozCon in 2018
Mozcon 2013 Attendee – Great Time with Roger

I believe in learning by doing. So I joined Google Adwords and started playing around with the platform until I knew the system inside out.

After 3 months I left my role and joined an e-commerce company where I developed a digital marketing strategy that included SEO, PPC, Social Media and Affiliate Advertising.

I’ve been in-house, agency, self employed and currently work for one of the largest independent publishing companies in the US.

Cian speaking about SEO & Content Marketing
Giving A Talk On SEO in Baltimore Maryland
Cian murphy speaking on diversifying from paid media.
Cian Speaking on the Importance of diversifying

I feel my greatest strength is my ability to adapt and change. It’s why I believe in early adoption and testing multiple marketing platforms.

Marketing and the technology that drives it is changing so rapidly it’s easy to get left behind. We need to constantly train and up skill in everything we do or we’ll end up like the Blockbusters of the World.

Cian Murphy speaking with the Waterford Division of Network Ireland
Speaking at Network Ireland Waterford Chapter
Cian Murphy speaking about Social Media Strategy
Discussing Social Media Strategy

My Mission

I want to help as many businesses as I can and the best way to do that is to get my name out there as much as possible.

I’m starting to practice what I preach. I’m marketing me.

So, you’re probably going to see me in a lot of remarketing campaigns. Don’t worry, if I’m annoying you can just say you don’t want to see the ads anymore!

Anyway, welcome to my freelance website where I provide Digital Marketing services and training in a variety of specialities.

I’ll never turn away a business that needs help. If your budget is a constraint there are plenty of workarounds.

Cian Murphy

If you’re a large company that need a lot of time I’ve worked with and contracted other agencies in Ireland where I need help.

I only use companies that use best practice and are very transparent about all the digital marketing activities they do on your behalf.

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