Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

I’m big into my transparency. A cookie policy is a huge part of that transparency. I am a digital marketer and I practice, not preach. I use various analytics packages and marketing platforms to ensure I help my customers through every part of their journey with me.

My site uses cookies to collect information on my web users.

Sometimes if a user fits into the right audience I’ll remarket to them on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and I often test other platforms too.

I’ve included a list of all the current cookie I’m using here.

About Cookies

Our website uses cookies to enhance your user experience.

We’ve enabled a banner when you first visit our website to acknowledge the acceptance of these cookies.

If you choose to opt out please follow the instructions in the video below.

We use Cookies for a number of reasons. Mainly to see what our website visitors are doing on our website.

An example is if you’re viewing content to do with SEO, we want to ensure we only show you SEO advertisements on our website or in our paid media campaigns.

What are Cookies?

They are not physical cookies… (I know hilarious). Think of our website as a country and cookies are the stamps put on your passport so we know you’ve visited. This virtual stamp aka a cookie is dropped on to your browser so we can understand what part of our website you loved the most.

Cookies allow users to have their passwords saved (encrypted of course) so they don’t need to repeatedly login.

Cookie Types

We use a few different types of Cookies on our website. The first being session cookies. These are cookies that are attached to your browser until you leave the website.

These cookies are automatically deleted when you leave the website.

We also have persistent cookies that remain on your computer until you clear your browsing data or they reach an expiry date.

We tend to use these to remember some of your browsing history so can fulfil the content you desire.