Content Marketing Consultant

Content Marketing Consultant

So you need a content marketing consultant. That’s ok, a lot of companies do. Whether you’re a large corporation or starting a business from scratch I can help.

When I do a content marketing Strategy for a company I cover the following:

  1. Look at your industry trends.
  2. Go over your resources and what expertise we can use.
  3. Analyse competitor strategies.
  4. Put specific measurable kpi’s on our performance.
  5. Go through a full list of tips and tricks to get you going in the right direction quickly.

So, if you’d like more traffic to your website, contact me today!

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Gain Effective Content Marketing

Content Marketing Tools

semrush for content marketing - find out what you need to write in order to out rank competition
SEMrush is an Amazing Tool in your Content Marketing Arsenal
hootsuite for distributing content to your social media channels.
Hootsuite is great for Distributing Your Content to Social Media
buzzsumo content marketing and share analysis
Find OUt Best Titles and Most Shares for Content in Your InDustry with Buzzsumo

It’s hard to know what you need from a content marketing strategy and who you should use to develop that strategy with your business.

If you’re undecided and not quite ready to give me a call, no problem, learn more about content marketing below. I’ve included some common questions asked by companies when trying to understand content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

When companies contact me about content marketing, it’s usually because someone told them to start a blog.

Yes, writing blog content is content marketing, but there’s so much more to it. Blog articles are only one small part of this marketing technique.

You have to remember people like to consume different types of content. Sure, you have people that like to read but what about people that like to consume video, images, visual graphs, infographics, podcasts and social media content.

These are all forms of content marketing.

The most important thing to do is identify what type of medium your audience demographics like to consume.

Then focus on producing content your audience will love on this medium.

For example, even though I like to read blogs on specific topics, I much prefer to watch a youtube video if possible. I’m a very visual learner, so video is the medium I love to consume content on.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to produce the same piece of content on multiple mediums. It enhances your chances of finding your target audience.

What are some examples of content marketing?

What are some examples of content marketing?

To get a real perspective on content marketing lets look at a few different mediums:

Blogging Content Example

Hubspot is, by far, one of my favourite examples of a company using content marketing. They use their blog as a fantastic resource for marketers. 

They create content that not only answers questions about marketing but business in general. 

Their CRM is a unique product that integrates with customer service, sales and marketing teams. So their blog speaks to all those audiences.


For the sales team – 

For the marketing team –

For the customer service team – 

I love how they produce content that helps people in each respective sector. 

They also have a unique product that will suit people consuming the content.

Vlogging Content Marketing Examples

Gary Vaynerchuk is probably the best example of modern video content marketing at the moment.

He started a youtube channel called Wine Library TV where he’d talk through wine tastings, different brands and he’d interview specialists. He did so to help his father’s liquor store sales increase.

video content marketing example
Wine Library Tv – Gary Vee

His first episode was back in 2006. Did it work?

Yes, it did.

He succeeded. Sales went from $3 Million to $60 Million in one year, mainly due to his video content marketing strategy.

Now he’s become a world-renowned marketer, social media personality, investor, podcaster, sports agent and just an overall media sensation.

He also helps small business owners reach their full potential by giving entrepreneurial advice.

He started with a low-quality budget, but he did it consistently and built up a loyal following and got better as time went on.

This is only one example of video content marketing. There’s thousands of successful Youtube vloggers that have succeeded thanks to video marketing. The world is moving towards video. You need to start thinking how you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Social Media Content Marketing Example

Social Media Content Marketing is the broadcasting arm of the strategy. The social media side of your content marketing strategy can incorporate images, graphics, video and content.

It needs to be done in a visually pleasing way to get shares.

Your social media content marketing strategy should trigger emotions with your visitors.

Graphics need to be simple to understand; videos need to get their message across in 6 seconds; your content needs to trigger engagement.

This is a simple way of looking at your social media content strategy, but it can be very effective.

How Much Should You Pay a Content Marketing Consultant?
content marketing costs

The pricing of a content marketing consultant can vary. My pricing for consultancy is €75 per hour. You can hire consultants from anywhere between €25 and €250 per hour. 

A consultant can charge different rates for several reasons. Usually, the pricing will depend on some of these factors: 

  1. Expensive offices. 
  2. Staffing Costs. 
  3. Success History.
  4. Industry Expertise. 
  5. Proven Successes. 
  6. Perceived Value. 

The other cost to know is the cost of producing content. 

The production cost of content comes down to who’s writing it. Sometimes it’s cost per word and other times it’s set fees for a certain number of articles. 

I’ve seen companies charging up to a €1,000 for one piece of content which includes research, publishing and monitoring results. 

I work with a variety of writers, that like myself have a set pricing: 

Article TypeWord CountCost / Per WordCost
Meticulous1,00012 cent€120
Professional1,0008 cent €80
Quick1,0003.5 cent €35

Some writers are meticulous and other like to research quick and write quick. The meticulous writers are often higher cost but usually produce the best piece of content.

Quick writers often come from a journalist background and are happy to churn out a few hundreds words in an hour. They do have costs for amendments though.

I find out your resources and situation before I suggest an option for you.

Basic Content Marketing Concepts Your Consultant Should Tell You

Every time I speak with a client about their content marketing I want to address three types of content categories.


This is when the user is trying to find a particular website or a particular page within that website.

Example: ‘munster rugby team page’


The user is trying to find information about a topic, service or product and wants doesn’t care what site is displayed.

Example: ‘what time is the Munster game kicking off at?’


The user has the intent to buy, rent or use a particular product or service.

Example: ‘buy the new munster rugby jersey online’

Every website should include content from these categories.

If you do you’re going to satisfy the intent of all your users.

Content Marketing FAQ’s

What is Content Marketing in Simple Terms?

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy dedicated to using blogs, video, social media and design elements to create and promote content that grabs the users attention. The ultimate goal is to gain exposure for your web presence.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content Marketing helps improve your online presence, builds trust with your visitors and educates your customers to the point of purchase.

What are some Content Marketing Examples?

There are so many examples of content marketing in todays world. Some of my favourites are Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign, The Wild Atlantic Way Promo and the classic Blendtec youtube commercials.

What is a Content Marketing Consultant?

Companies hire content marketing consultants to help them plan, develop and implement their content strategies. Their goal is to build traffic, revenue and a loyal community of customers.