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SEO for Solicitors: Boost Your Site in Search and Win Clients

You might be the best solicitors firm in Ireland, but if people can’t find your website. You’re losing out on a whole lot of business. I’ve created this article on SEO for solicitors to help you understand why it’s an excellent option to diversify how you bring on clients in today’s modern internet-obsessed world!

What gives me the right to speak about Solicitor SEO?

We helped a solicitors firm in the South East complete with some of the best firms in the country. We helped them rank under some amazingly difficult keywords and even helped them identify an untapped niche.

What keywords did we help the law firm rank under?

KeywordPosition Before SEOPosition After SEO
Personal Injury SolicitorsNo rankingPosition 3 in Google
Unfair Dismissal No rankingPosition 4 in Google
Personal Injury Solicitors DublinNo rankingPosition 4 in Google
Employment Solicitors No rankingPosition 7 in Google
Immigration Solicitors DublinNo rankingPosition 4 in Google
Medical Negligence SolicitorsNo rankingPosition 5 in Google

These results might not mean anything if you’re unfamiliar with SEO, but in short, this means more traffic from search engines, more leads from your website and more clients booked each month.

To draw in new clients, search engine optimisation is an excellent way for solicitors to grow their business in Ireland. A well-optimised website is more likely to appear higher in search results when potential clients are looking for legal services, increasing the likelihood of customers choosing your firm. Furthermore, a solicitor’s credibility can be greatly increased by having a strong internet presence, attained through efficient SEO methods. Potential clients become more trusting, increasing their propensity to use their services when they see you at the top of search engine results pages or SERPs, as we call them, in the SEO industry.

Enough with the bragging… how did we do it for this solicitor?

It started with the usual conversation, what area you want to target, where you are willing to get clients from, if there is anyone you don’t want to work with, what’s your specialisation etc.

After this conversation, it was clear ‘they wanted leads’, lots of them. Don’t stop bringing them in until they’re too busy.


Here’s a couple of basic steps we undertook:

SEO Audit & We dug into their paid data.

Looking through their Google Ads campaign, we saw what drove clicks and no conversions. We had to set up conversion tracking. We waited 3 weeks to see conversion data while the audit was underway.

The SEO audit helped me plan the next 12 months of SEO tasks we felt would deliver the best ROI for their business. In this phase, we also looked at keyword research, website metrics and previous best-performing terms in Google ads now we had conversion data.

I also cheekily looked at all competitor performances using SEMrush & Ahrefs.

We used screaming frog to look at site structure and content architecture.

We identified images that were 5mb and causing the site to load very slowly.

We advised a theme switch away from flashy slow, loading sliders and outdated page builders.

The Content Plan

After looking at competitors’ content, we realised it would be daunting to beat them in search. However, there were internal resources from the solicitor to assist our team in content creation. This is fantastic as the content was produced by a solicitor who has all the relevant qualifications to speak on the subject.

Our content plan was to develop E-E-A-T and, of course, help website visitors by supplying them with quality content to help them answer their queries.

We had to be specific and think of each user’s different needs. How do we do this? We become a topical authority on a subject. We don’t just write about personal injury claims, we put ourselves in the shoes of people that may have been injured and create content to help them understand their legal situation and what process they need to go through.

SEO topical authority for solicitors in personal injury claims

Creating this took a lot of effort and time, but it saved the client the need to give search marketing platforms outrageous amounts of money for clicks and conversions and diversify organic results.

There’s a lot more that we goes into the strategy such as link building, making constant reiterations to under performing content, updating technical aspects.

How long does it take to do SEO for solicitors?

Our project for this client took almost 18 months to implement at the cost of under €2000’s per month.

Revenue made from the investment far exceeded the initial investment, according to our former client. I say former client because we achieved results, and their rankings continued to flourish for over 1 year after we stopped working together.

Results have changed in the last few months, and they have seen a slight dip under keywords on page one. This is down to others in the market following the same strategy. You need to constantly update your content if you’re going to stay ahead of the competition under certain keywords that require fresh content for relevancy.

Digital Marketing is a competitive game of revenue generation. Play the game or watch from the stands. That’s a bit cheesy, but it’s very true.

A Simple Plan for You to Follow

  1. Get an SEO Audit.
  2. Get a fast lightweight website that’s easy to crawl by Google. We suggest Astra and Gutenberg blocks. We have a €5,000 built for you option.
  3. Focus on developing top-quality content and be very consistent.
  4. Highlight your solicitors and show the content is written by the experts.
  5. Promote your content where you can – social media, industry blogs, feature in related magazines.
  6. Constantly improve content that doesn’t get the position you want in Google.
  7. Look at schema were necessary.
  8. Book a Consultation with me –
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