How much does it cost to SEO your website?

If you learn to implement SEO tactics yourself then it’s free. You just need to up build up your search engine optimisation knowledge. If you choose to outsource to an SEO service provider in Ireland you can expect your seo costs to be around €500 to €10,000 a month.

SEO pricing is typically charged by hourly rates, project based or monthly retainer packages. Irish rates seem to be between €50 – €200 per hour.

Paying more per hour doesn’t always determine a better service, it just means some SEO’s value their time more than others. Probably because they have high ticket clients and no longer want to work with smaller start up businesses.

How do SEO Service Providers price themselves?

Just like any business pricing for services can vary depending on where the SEO company is in their life cycle. A new company might charge less because they’re still trying to prove themselves as a market leader. These companies can be good to work with due to the fact they probably have low business expenses that aren’t passed to the client.

A list of factors that can determine an SEO companies pricing:

  • How many years experience they have.
  • They have high end clients and price themselves accordingly.
  • Excellent success rates.
  • Is there office based in a high rent location.
  • The amount of employees they have.
  • Expertise in a competitive niches.

SEO Costs depend on the Competitiveness of an Industry

If an SEO company charges by the hour, has set monthly packages or a phased pricing approach, the overall cost of success will depend on the industry and how many months it takes to achieve goals.

Unfortunately the lack of education around SEO services can give people false illusions when it comes to the cost of reaching goals. The best way to see how much SEO would cost a company might be to focus on different niches.

Factors that will determine SEO Costs for Clients.

SEO maybe more expensive for some companies due to factors outside of an SEO companies remit. You need a fast, user friendly website that search engines love. If your website is dated, slow and requires 3rd party modifications then your costs of SEO implementation will be significantly more expensive.

Here are some factors that could make SEO more expensive for companies:

  • You need a developer to update your content.
  • You lack a CMS system such as WordPress, Joomla or Shopify.
  • Speed of implementation. SEO takes time, it takes more time to get results if suggestions aren’t implemented quickly.
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